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Coaching Overview
Any concern that gets in the way of your optimal health is the perfect subject with which to begin coaching.
Health coaching effectively motivates and supports behavior change through a structured partnership between the participant and coach. The coach helps you develop and realize your optimal health vision through inquiry, personal discovery and accountability.
Coaching provides an opportunity for you to collaborate with an experienced partner to carve out and sustain the kind of optimal health you’ve envisioned.  
Integrative Health Coaching is effective in helping you realize your optimal health
  • Together, we identify obstacles to overcome, then create strategies for moving toward your goals.
  • We explore what is most important to you so that you can choose your course of action.
  • I guide you through a process to maximize the possibility of your success.
  • I listen to your concerns and ask powerful questions to help motivate you to make the changes you desire.
  • I support you in tracking your weekly progress and hold you accountable for your commitments.
  • I provide additional resources for making healthy behavior changes.
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