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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Integrative Health Coaching(IHC)?
It's a process model developed by Duke Integrative Medicine(Duke IM) designed to support you in making sustainable behavior changes necessary in achieving your optimal health and wellness.
How is it different from Life Coaching? 
IHC focuses on the Wheel of Health, also developed by Duke IM.  The IHC process model centers around the belief that the domains represented are all integrated and integral to optimal health and wellness.
Do you give medical advice?  No, I am not a medical expert and do not give advice, medical or otherwise.  My role is to partner, support and encourage you in a compassionate, non-judging manner.
How much does it cost?  I offer a variety of coaching services, both individual and group. You can schedule a complimentary coaching consultation, at which time I will make a recommendation based on your individual circumstances, or visit my pages outlining my coaching packages.
How long does it take? Minimum commitments are three to six months to allow you the time needed to make sustainable behavior changes.  Many clients choose to continue after that time frame to work on other areas that are important to them.
Is there a workbook? Yes.  There is a Personalized Health Planning Manual published by Duke Integrative Medicine that assists you in your journey to optimal health. It's filled with valuable information and resources.
 Contact about individual coaching, group coaching, speaking at your next event or booking a lunch-n-learn.
Hear what people are saying about the health coaching experience:
"Kim has a special gift as an Integrative health coach. In my experience with her she demonstrated exquisite listening and deep patience and the ability to help me better define why a particular goal was so important to me. Then she helped me to sustain the momentum to keep reaching for the goal. Specifically, she helped me to make a major work transition that was and is essential to my living a healthy and more vital life."
- Marj, NC