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Individual Coaching Packages
If you'd like to get a feel for what coaching is, schedule a Complimentary Coaching Consultation with me.  After you decide if you want to move forward, I can recommend a package   based on your needs.

First Step:  Introduction/Discovery Session
All one-on-one coaching packages begin with a 90 minute Introduction/Discovery Session. Then we move forward with the package that best meets your needs.
  • One 90 minute Introduction/Discovery Session
  • Current & Desired States Assessment
  • Personalized Health Planning Manual
$ 140.00
 "Authentic Living" Package
Identify the balance you desire, while finding your rhythm to integrate and maintain sustainable change into the practical flow of your life.
  • Fifteen telephone sessions lasting up to 45 minutes each
  • Unlimited email contact M-F
  • Recommended schedule: Weekly for first five weeks, then bi-weekly for remaining ten sessions(average 6 months)
$ 1050.00($ 70 per session up to 45 minutes per session)

"Finding Your Rhythm" Package
Identify the balance you desire, while finding your rhythm to integrate sustainable change into the practical flow of your life.
  • Eight telephone sessions lasting up to 60 minutes each
  • Unlimited email contact M-F
  • Recommended schedule: Weekly for first 3 weeks, then bi-weekly for remaining 5 sessions(average 3 months)
$ 640.00($ 80 per session)
"Finding Balance" Package
Identify the balance you desire and begin exploring what changes will help achieve that balance.
  • Five telephone sessions lasting up to 45 minutes each
  • Unlimited email contact M-F
  • Recommended schedule:  Weekly for first 2 weeks, then bi-weekly for remaining 3 sessions 
$ 450.00($ 90 per session)

Hear what people are saying about the health coaching experience:
"Kim, I want to thank you for allowing me to talk with you about my health. You were so warm and welcoming, and patient. I really felt heard in such a relaxed, supported way, that I was able to really come away with new ideas about what is important in my life and how to go about getting there. Thank you for all your subtle help and wisdom!"
- Ellen W., MD