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My Perspective
"Health is a relationship between you and your body." 
~Terri Guillemets
I love this quote. 
It really speaks to the heart of why I have pursued this work.
My passion is to see people energized by understanding that their choices significantly impact their health and well-being.  That vision is based on my belief that the responsibility of our health and wellness rests on us. 
To me, it is tragic to see a person dependent on medical interventions such as prescription meds and invasive procedures. If we can enjoy a high quality of life without these things, isn't that a better way to live?
My Journey
I discovered the field of Integrative Health Coaching after a 20 year career in advertising sales and management.  At 45 years old, I was blessed with the rare opportunity to reconnect with my own values and vision.
With the support of my husband, I chose to step back from corporate America, indefinitely. During my work sabbatical I  focused more on my family and volunteer interests.  We both had faith that, following my heart and choosing activities that reflected my values and vision for my life, would lead me to my ultimate purpose. 
That first year, I served as Chair of a local non-profit whose primary focus is to recover and redistribute wholesome perishable food, the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.  A deeper commitment to this organization was possible for me, since I wasn't working outside the home.  That is when the world of nutrition, health, food, culture and justice unfolded for me like never before.  During this time, I began researching nutrition, nutritional therapy, and I completed my first triathlon.  I knew I was on my path, which eventually led to Duke Integrative Medicine(Duke IM). 
Fourteen months after my sabbatical began, I applied to their cutting-edge Integrative Health Coach Professional Training, created and designed specifically to fill the gap that exists in the conventional  health care model. On average, Americans get 15 minutes of face time with their primary care physician each year.*  Typically, that includes advice or recommendations to do "more of this" or "less of that".  But what happens between then and the next annual visit? 
Health behaviors are not only reflected in our nutritional choices and physical activity, but also in our relationships, career, environment.... our mindful choices, in general.  Our choices are very complex.  Helping clients unravel these complexities, and uncover the multitude of other options that may work for them is an honor for me.
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust with a Complimentary coaching consultation.  This is useful in allowing you to experience what coaching is like. 
Contact about individual coaching, group coaching, speaking at your next event or booking a lunch-n-learn.