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How well do you manage everything 
maintain your health?
Taking this short Optimal Health & Wellness Quiz
may help you answer that question. 
On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being High, please rate your answers to the following questions:
  • I know how I want to look and feel.
  • I understand why I make the choices I make.
  • My choices align with my values and optimal health vision.
  • I rarely feel "off track" or "out of balance".
  • I make myself a priority.
  • I am successful in achieving my health goals.
  • I am rarely stressed.
  • I rarely feel stuck.
  • I am satisfied with the quantity and quality of sleep I get.
Add each answer to get your total score.  If your total score is:
  •  36-45 -  It sounds like you know yourself and how to create the life you want. 
  • 27-36 - It may be an indication that keeping all the balls in the air is becoming increasingly more challenging. 
  • <= 27 - You may be living a life that is no longer the most accurate reflection of who you are or what you want. 
No matter how you scored, if you want to take your health & well-being to a new level, Integrative Health Coaching may be for you.
Complimentary Coaching Consultation.