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"Kim McGimsey works wonders! Throughout our coaching partnership, Kim helped me stay focused on my goals for health, nutrition, fitness and more...all cocooned within a deep mind-body connection. Our sessions were highly productive, yet fun and full of rich insights and deep learning/understanding. I will highly recommend Kim to my friends, family and colleagues who want an effective, experienced integrative health coach!"
- Donna Gregory Hoerdemann
"After surviving an aggressive form of breast cancer, I turned to health coach Kim McGimsey to help me reach my goals toward living a less stressful, healthier life.  Through her guidance, she helped me focus on what mattered most and accomplish what I set out to do. Because of Kim, I’m on a new path and feel so good.  She’s meant to be doing this kind of work and has the expertise to help others who want to live a healthy life."
-  Angela Jamison, Wake Forest
"Kim's coaching helped me to work through blocks I had not previously been successful in resolving. Her insights were right on target, and she helped me to gain a new sense of direction in my life. Kim's professionalism coupled with her integrity and friendly nature make her a joy to work with. I have greatly benefited from knowing and working with her, and I would highly recommend Kim to anyone who is ready to experience a breakthrough in their life."
- Carole Hoffman, Apex, NC
" As a type 1 diabetic, I constantly struggle with health management.  Kim's coaching really helped me to access the important questions I needed to ask myself in order to reconnect with the value I place on my health.  Her warmth, empathy, and insight gently guided me on the path to self-acceptance and self-actualization.  Her non-judgment and genuine nature shined through in each session, and I truly felt the partnership on my road to positive change.
- Robin, NC
"Kim, I want to thank you for allowing me to talk with you about my health. You were so warm and welcoming, and patient. I really felt heard in such a relaxed, supported way, that I was able to really come away with new ideas about what is important in my life and how to go about getting there. Thank you for all your subtle help and wisdom!" 
 - Ellen W., MD
"Kim has a special gift as an Integrative health coach. In my experience with her she demonstrated exquisite listening and deep patience and the ability to help me better define why a particular goal was so important to me. Then she helped me to sustain the momentum to keep reaching for the goal. Specifically, she helped me to make a major work transition that was and is essential to my living a healthy and more vital life."
- Marj, NC
"When I started coaching with Kim, I was on the fence about making some changes. Kim was extremely patient, giving me the time to consider my various options and how they fit with my over all goals. She also honored the parts of me that didn't want to change, which helped me envision how I might incorporate some important pieces of myself that seemed to be in conflict. I was able to come up with a solution that I never would have thought of had Kim not listened carefully and respectfully to everything I was thinking and feeling. Her nonjudgmental, compassionate approach is truly a gift."
-Leigh Ann, NC

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